Virgin Galactic - Innovation

2014-11-22 12:31:31 caslorg

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Innovation is Serving Real Needs by Delivering Real Results

2014-10-15 18:08:20 caslorg

Entrepreneur Jason Spencer is on fire in 2014. He’s launched a couple of startup companies at once, following a massive rock bottom downward turn in his life in 2013. Its been an amazing rebound story to follow, and here are a few things that we’re really excited to share about what he’s up to in the business world.

One of his secret sauce specialties that he handles from his home office in Asheville is SEO. It’s amazing how fast this guy can help small businesses get traffic to their websites and fresh leads into their funnels. He doesn’t just stop with SEO and traffic – he also handles web design, retargeting advertising, PPC management, and an overall marketing strategy for any brand or small business. He’s an absolute wizard when it comes to internet, marketing and business strategy.

He recently launched a brand new website for his own brand, Asheville Web Design Company, and includes a video sharing his heart for the small business owner based on his own upbringing in an entrepreneurial household and just based on his own career and life experience to date. It’s really solid stuff so be sure to check it out – we’ve included a snippet of the video below for you to see.

So, if you are a small business in need of bottom line results with more traffic, additional leads in your funnels, and overall fresh marketing experience, Jason is your man.

Direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wedDZqIaB8

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The SCRUM Board: Supersize Your Trello Board With a Whiteboard Wall

2014-10-13 17:53:20 caslorg

This innovation is a must have for every startup team.

Or coworking space, entrepreneurial office space, or any office where creative projects need to get done.

If you’re not using SCRUM yet, it’s time to start.

SCRUM is a productivity and project management tool that enables the entire team to see what the tasks are that need done, and exactly where they are in status at all times.

The far left column on a SCRUM board is usually the queue (where tasks that need to get done go).

The middle column is usually active or tasks in progress.

The far right column is usually tasks that are complete.

Essentially the idea is to move tasks from queue to active so they can get completed by those assigned to work on them. There should only be one task at a time assigned to be active per person on the team.

Trello is one way to organize this SCRUM board information digitally online or through tablets/smartphones. Another way is to setup an open whiteboard in your office. The whiteboard wall is what we recommend you go with, because it’s simple, gets the whole team involved, is always front of mind because its visibily in front of everyone, and its simple to make changes/adjustments. It also gets your heads up off the screen for  a while.

There are a few options for setting up your whiteboard wall. Some companies have chosen IdeaPaint, but honestly, they’re expensive, and there are ideapaint competitor’s that are much more reasonably priced with just as good of quality, sometimes better.

We recommend ReMarkable Whiteboard Paint. We used it in our office, and it’s making our life with a SCRUM board just simply amazing. It was easy to apply, incredibly priced comparitively speaking and we’re excited to recommend them because they’re an awesome customer service friendly company to work with. Check out their online shop here –> https://www.remarkablecoating.com/products

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